Opinions on the Confederate monuments

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replica oakley sunglasses Opinions on the Confederate monuments differ. Student government leaders Rot and Mandalapu, who made the Davis statue an issue in their campaign, see them as putting racism on a pedestal. Gary Bled of the Texas NAACP has called them “offensive.” But others, such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans in Texas, see the statues as an important piece of history and “not a matter of opinion,” according to spokesperson Marshall Davis, who was quoted in a Huffington Post article earlier this year.. replica oakley sunglasses

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fake oakley sunglasses Recently Bottiglieri et al7 have identified a subgroup of depressed patients with high homocysteine, low serum and CSF folate, and low CSF S adenosylmethionine (SAM) and monoamine metabolites.In elderly or psychogeriatric populations the incidence of folic acid deficiency is even higher5 but again consistently associated with depression and cognitive decline.5,6,17,18 Clarke et al6 found a significant association between raised homocysteine, low folate (and vitamin B12) concentrations, and cognitive decline in a case control study http://www.discountoakleys.cn/ in 164 patients with Alzheimer’s disease, 76 of whom were neuropathologically confirmed. In a neuropathological study of 30 elderly nuns from the same environmental and nutritional background, Snowdon et al19 found a remarkable correlation between serum folate and cerebral atrophy in subjects with or without histologically confirmed Alzheimer’s disease, more so in the former. Among 18 separate nutritional factors atrophy correlated only with folate, as reported previously in CT and neuropsychological studies.18 In a prospective population based study for 3 years of 370 healthy elderly Swedish subjects over the age of 75 years the presence of folate or vitamin B12 deficiency doubled the risk of subsequently developing Alzheimer’s disease.20 The same group found that episodic memory impairment in elderly people is more clearly related to folate deficiency than vitamin B12 deficiency.21 Furthermore, correlations between folate concentrations and measures of cognitive impairment have been reported in a community of healthy elderly subjects, most of whom had “normal” folate concentrations,22 raising questions about what is an optimal nutritional environment for the nervous system?Folate in CSF falls significantly with age,23 as has also been noted for serum folate and plasma homocysteine fake oakley sunglasses.

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