About Us

A Part of North Myrtle Beach History

A bold page in the history of North Myrtle Beach, Boulineau’s is a favorite of locals and certainly one stop to make when vacationing on the Grand Strand.

Frank and Louise Boulineau opened a grocery store in 1948 in the small community of Cherry Grove Beach, which at the time had fewer than 100 houses.
Hurricane Hazel came in 1954 and wiped out the store, along with most of Cherry Grove. A few years later a second store was opened in Cherry Grove. With the help of his son Frank, the store enjoyed steady growth, meeting the demands of the growing community. In 1969, Frank Boulineau III and his wife Elizabeth converted a portion of an 8,400 square foot discount store into a grocery store and named it Coastal Mart and in 1973 an additional 2,400 square feet was added to the store.
In 1977, the Barnacle, a unique nautical gift shop, was added. In 1980 and again in 1982, the store was expanded.
In 1986, a major expansion was undertaken to double the size of the store to 50,000 square feet. The Boulineau’s name was placed on the main store and the shopping center was known as Coastal Mart Plaza.
In 1994, a Shell gas station, food mart and car wash was added, continuing the Boulineau’s tradition of excellence.
In 1995, Boulineau’s hardware store opened. In 1998, another expansion was necessary to accommodate the continued support from our dedicated customers. An additional 30,000 square feet was added to the main store. The store now features 80,000 square feet of shopping on two floors with elevators and includes many specialty departments. This expansion has resulted in one of the country’s most unique grocery stores, complete with a food court and cafeteria, creating a truly unique shopping complex as well as the area’s most recognizable trademark – Our Lighthouse.
Boulineau’s began the new millenium with the aquisition and renovation of the area’s largest and oldest seafood market, Eugene Platt’s Seafood in 2000. In 2004, another addition was made to the Boulineau’s family of companies with the opening of Ocean Treasures, a resort wear boutique located across from the food store on Sea Mountain Highway. Continuing the company’s growth and diversification, Frank’s Ice was founded in 2007 and provides customers throughout the Carolinas with food quality ice from our plant in Cherry Grove Beach. In 2011, Boulineau’s Hardware was remodeled and re-opened as Boulineau’s Ace Hardware and included a US Post Office and Hallmark Card Shoppe .
Boulineau’s will continue to grow and serve our community’s needs with an unmatched tradition of Quality and Service.